August 21, 2010

A have to try recipe!

This is an wonderful recipe for anyone who loves Parmesan cheese and is looking for new ideas to eat an old boring potato. When i buy russet potatoes for gratin or curries or salads I always buy a whole bag of it. Needless to say I always end up with a few extra potatoes and I don´t know what to do with them. Plain old boiled potato is a staple in my home country Sweden but my husband is not the biggest fan so eating meat/chicken or fish with boiled potato is not a hit in my home. One of my favorite foodnetwork chefs is Anne Burell, her funky blond hairstyle makes her cooking a lot more interesting and fun. Although I don't have the HD foodnetwork channel anymore I frequently brows their website and look for interesting recipes.

This 5 star recipe is called Pommes Chef Anne and is a side dish i am sure to prepare again!

3 Russet potatoes, scrubbed clean
Extra virgin olive oil
3/4 cup grated Parmigiano
kosher Sale
Mandoline to facilitate the slicing of the potato!

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.
Slice one potato at a time on the mandoline. Work quickly as potatoes discolor. Do not put the potatoes in water because this will wash the starch off the potatoes. Coat an 8-inch nonstick saute pan with olive oil. Place the sliced potatoes from the middle and in circles to the edge of the pan. Brush each layer with olive oil sprinkle generously with grated Parmigiano and salt between the layers. After every layer of potatoes press the potatoes so they are very compact. 
Place the pan of potatoes over medium heat and cook until the olive oil begins to sizzle and the potatoes begin to brown on the bottom. Put the pan in the preheated oven and bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Remove the pan from the oven and place a tight fitting lid on the pan. Drain the excess oil out the side of the pan. THIS STEP IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!! After the excess oil has been drained, completely flip the pan so the cake is turned out onto the bottom of the lid, then slide the cake off the lid back into the pan so the brown side of the cake is now up and the top becomes the bottom. We see now why draining the excess oil is important- if you attempt this without draining the oil it will drain out on your wrist and burn you.
Return the cake to the oven and bake for another 10 to 15 minutes or until the cake is fork tender. Cut into wedges and serve. The recipe serves 4 but as usual, in our family it was only enough for two.....

Tip: Be careful not to grab the pan handle right after you take it out of the oven! I rarely, actually, I never cook with a pan in my oven and naturally forgot that it had been in there and grabbed the handle!!!! My hand is ok but red and sore and smothered in aloe vera! 


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your dream house is to die for. Hope to hear your comments on my tried and tested recipes. See ya.

  2. potatoes & cheese what a good tandem! Thanks for dropping by my blog... your blog is also interesting :)

  3. That looks absolutely scrumptious. What a great recipe :)

  4. I like this recipe: simple, easy, and tasting of what it's supposed to taste like - potatoes! Thanks for visiting my blog. Juno x

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    This recipe is interesting.
    I'll inform you when I make it and get it posted.