August 11, 2010

A chair with new memories!

We have a chair that I am very fond of, however the memories are not the most pleasant as they relate to roommates that we once had. I have wanted to upholster the chair for a long time and did a short cut a few months back. However, I was not quite happy with it so I did a complete makeover. I sanded the legs to reduce the bite marks caused during Betsy's teething period. I also sanded the legs to make the paint stick better. I removed the fabric and the cushioning  and replaced both. 

A while back I bought a memory foam mattress topper for our bed. This was a mistake as our bed was already memory foam and when we added the memory foam topper we sank right down. The initial purpose of the topper was to make it easier to make the bed. The memory foam base is heavy and thick and every time we stripped the bed and had to put a new sheet on we had to life the mattress and this was troublesome and very bad for our backs. 
Long story short, we decided to store the topper in the closet and I have since then spent hours thinking of new uses for it. I made a bed for Betsy with some of the foam and I took a piece for the chair. I think I am quite happy with the result....

My husband always says that I am the most stingy person he knows because I don't want to waste anything 



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  1. This looks great! What a lovely change and good use for stuff not needed anymore.