January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time during the Holidays with lots of great food and happy times! I was lucky to spend my Christmas and New Years Eve in Sweden with my Family. We left our dog Betsy in New York but missed her terribly throughout the trip!

To me, Christmas is snow, family and lots of food. If I can enjoy some sledding or ice skating on top of that, I will be sure to have a complete Holiday. For a New Yorker living in Manhattan (I think I can call myself that after 4 years in NY), snow is not the first think we ask for, on top of that, if it snows it is far from beautiful  30 minutes after it falls to the ground. The weeks leading up to my trip to Sweden I spend numerous hours on the phone with my sister and mom who excitingly told me about the continuous snow fall in Sweden. Apparently, it has not been this cold, for this long  in a hundred or so years. I was excited about the snow and the cold but of course, by the time I arrived in Stockholm my family had had enough of the weather and I had to put in a few requests to them to take me sledding!

My first week was the coldest for me, -15 degrees Celsius (I think that is 5 Fahrenheit), the second week was much milder, only -5 degrees Celsius. For decades, my family has participated in the Christmas market in Old Town Stortoget. Helping out there is also part of the Holiday season to me. Needless to say, It was quite cold during my days there despite my ultra warm jacket, double long johns and infra heating. My Mom has some great pictures of the Christmas market on her blog that you can view.  One of the other participants at the market is Rhoda Haglund who makes beautiful decorative candle holders, bowl and other accessories with her signature Tomtar. I purchased these two from her this year.

If you live in Sweden or if you are visiting Sweden you can partake in one of Rhoda's ceramics classes.

We took it easy during our trip but at the same time we accomplished to experience quite a lot! My husband spent heaps of time playing wii into the late night with my brother in law. My sister and I sat up crocheting (I attempted), cleaned her craft room that is used for her Children´s clothing business Kinoko. We went out for dinner at a Steakhouse, went sledding twice, had a bowling session and enjoyed great food. We met with a cousin and a father´s cousin and her wife and also managed to squeeze in some time with some friends. Time is never enough and the priority this trip was Family!!!

For New Years Eve we were at my sister´s house and them made stuffed lobster, BBQ, yes in the snow, in winter, in the Cold. It was amazing! Pictures to follow in my next post! My brother in law shot off some fire works and we sent out a UFO into the air! A perfect ending to 2010 and a perfect start to 2011!!!

My husband and I had a wonderful time and I was very sad to leave my family behind! I didn't bring my camera to Sweden but took a few pictures with my mom and sisters camera. Unfortunately I forgot to bring copies with me back home but has requested they send them to me via email. I will post them when I receive them! Until then, please look at the pictures on my mom´s blog!!!!

I think that is enough for this time, a blog with too much Text and few pictures is never exciting for readers!

All the best!


  1. Vi fick aldrig se dina fina lyktor men tack för två härliga veckor.
    Saknar er jättemycket hör av mig när vi bokat biljetter.

    Kram Mia

  2. Lovely holiday post. Looking forward to all your blogs in 2011.

  3. Nice post and thank you for sharing your holiday joy with us. Happy New Year!

  4. Hi, I accidentally broke my friend's candle holder, which is exactly the same as the one in the picture, could you please let me know where I can buy Rhoda Haglund's candle holder? It is very important to me T_T