September 29, 2010

Finally Autumn

My favorite season of the year has finally arrived, Autumn! After a long, humid and frustrating summer in NYC I can´t in words express how I feel. Autumn is for outdoors, for walks with my dog Betsy, for a nice cup of tea and for many other fun and enjoyable moments!

With autumn comes my sister´s new designs. Her recent addition is a beautiful girl´s jacket in corduroy. As I am currently working on translating her site with regards to not language but also, sizes and prices, you will notice that there is limited information on the website. If you are interested in seeing other views of the jacket please visit KINOKO. Please pay attention to the beautiful lining. If you are interested in buying the jacket this can be done through paypal or credit card, just let me know.


  1. Hi Dear,

    I can't read the langguage on your sister's blog/website. The little jackets and the outfits are so so cute!

  2. Hello Honey boy,

    I am sorry I didn't explain how to read the English version. When you go to you will see a British flag on the upper right hand corner. If you click on the flag you will be taken to the English site. Please note that the entire website has not been fully translated yet.

    If you visit the designer´s blog at you will be able to find the google translator at the bottom of the page. choose your language. Because the translation is computerized you will notice a couple of errors.

    Please let me know if you have any questions,

    All the best!